Why Together is so important to us...

In the Beginning...


HomeTogether was built on a lifetime of care experiences

and compassionate services. Founders, Michael and Kate

Donovan, have both been touched by compassionate care

in their personal lives.


Our story actually starts almost 20 years ago in the summer

of 2000. Kate Donovan was an idealistic staff working in the

I/DD care field...envision for a moment the wonderment and

awe of a newborn infant, so perfect, so innocent. Delivered into the open and loving arms of her adoptive parents at 10 days old, perfect in every way. Her newborn tears innocently mistaken for hunger, her brain silently and devastatingly invaded by meningitis. Now at 4, still beautiful and amazing, her disability seems overwhelming & monumental. She is unable to see, hear, speak, or control her body temperature. This child was assigned to Kate. Therapeutic goals often seemed an impossible task. Day after day she ran goals and implemented new strategies to help the child feel, hear, and see new things, even if not with her eyes. Day after day she waited...waited for a response, hoping to make a difference. Seven months and three days later she made her first sign. Three months later, her first hug. Open the window a little as her supports increase and you will see this little girl smile. Now throw several windows open wide and you'll see this little girl, a few years down the road...walking. A miracle, right?


Such transformations of individuals always hold an element of the miraculous; and yet as do most miracles, this one planted and nurtured the seed of miraculous works within my heart. Together, with the collaborative vision of our families and friends, believing miracles are possible, we decided to stand out above the rest. In 2007, the Donovan's founded an internationally accredited I/DD (Intellectually and/or Developmentally Delayed) agency. They have been serving children and adults with developmental disabilities throughout North Carolina ever since, strongly emphasizing quality over quantity. 


In the years to follow, we have seen so many acquaintances, friends, and families struggle with care services. Whether it was for a special needs child or an elderly parent, we have seen so many people try and take on care alone. This inevitably leads to burn out. The Donovans have spent almost twenty years in the home care industry and knew they could take the lessons learned in I/DD care to help solve some of the staffing, service quality, and comprehensive care issues within the senior population.      

We also firmly believed that the root of superior services begins with quality, educated, and exceptional caregivers. It is the strength of our supports and our ability to rally community partners that will continue to open windows of opportunity for the everyone we serve. 

Together we have been able to overcome insurmountable

challenges both personally and professionally. Each time

the going got tough and the road began to blur, we found

that widening our community net and bringing together our

resources, friends, and experiences- we were able to

overcome anything that blocked our path.


No one can truly understand your personal struggle with care

services, but “together” HomeTogether can help build the

community net you and your loved one need.  All of the

windows are not yet open, and the vision continues...be part

of that vision; help us open windows in your life and the lives

of the people we serve.

Family is our solid foundation
- The Donovan Family

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